Monday, October 10, 2011

A note to my Grandma RIJC- Rest in Jesus Christ

Well! It has been a bumpy ride! I haven't written anything in a long time, so i thought i would take a moment to put something down on this white spreadsheet box.  Since the last time i wrote something on here its been a year or so. My Grandma did pass away on October 14th 2010. She died in my aunt's arms. Oh how she was a good grandma to me and my brother. She taught me alot through the years. I had such a great time getting to know her. Her 2 favorite things were: Jesus Christ and Memphis basketball. The two things that had her heart. I could remember the times we (as a family) would go down to her apartment and see her. I can remember on a specific occasion that my mom and dad and brother went to go play putt putt golf and i was too young to go. I was so mad and angry i started crying histarically, but my grandma got a hold of me and we sat down in her chair. She just held me and turned the tv on to a memphis basketball game (before going pro). I calmed down after a little bit and we watched them on tv for a couple hours until the family came back.  I probably think thats why i like basketball so much, or lack thereof.  I can remember me waking up at 6:30 or 7:00 am to the smell of biscuits cooking in the oven. I wouldnt get out of bed until the last minute possible, and yes i would even beat my brother up some of the times. The one thing im going to miss about her, was her cooking. Oh MAN, you talk about the goods. She went above and beyond. Her deviled eggs didnt have any devil in the at all, Laugh out Loud. Even talking about her right now eats me up. When i heard about our family loosing my grandma that day, mom and I were in Georgia with my other grandparents. My dad calls me on the phone first thing in the morning. I think he trys to call moms phone but she didnt have hers turned on that early.  He tells me that we need to get packed up and leave GA as soon as mom gets home from the hospital. My nanny went to have some minor outpatient surgery done. Well, mom comes home probably within 2 hours and we both started packing.  I think then was the first of 2 times that i really cry.  I get on facebook to update everyone and see that one of my cousins has put something on her status about grandma.  Something to the effect of well, at least shes bouncing a basketball again. That brings a smile to my face. Knowing that my grandma was somewhere without being in pain and somewhere, where she really wanted to be was all i needed to know.  Her Funeral was the other place i cryed.

                                          Thanks Grandma for everything you taught me and how you loved me!

                                      Love your grandaughter, Johanna