Thursday, January 9, 2014

The living word comes alive!

Here I am again. This time I am actually typing this post from my phone, the blogger app. So if my words are not spelled correctly, you can blame auto correct. 

Over the past couple of weeks something amazing has been happening.  Some of you know that I am not much of a reader. I never liked the idea of reading a book. I would always prefer doing something outside or another activity.  The only books i ever have read cover to cover (and not just the first and last page) are the suspense novels of Kathy Herman. She is a christian author who makes up fictitious story's but have some really good endings. Some of them have people accepting Christ. Others have some of the characters asking forgiveness for sins that have been commited. All of my life i have heard people tell me to read my bible. There's probably not a week gone by without somebody mentioning that. So my last blog post was about me telling God "I can't do it anymore" and really trusting Him with my life. I don't think that I have ever really wanted to read the bible until after I put my trust in Him if I wanted to be very honest with you. I have occasionally picked it up and opened it to read it as if it were another book when I was younger. Now, knowing that the bible is more than just a book. It's more than words on a page. It's more than the letters fitted together to become words. 

So as I talked to jesus that night, I told him I wanted to read His word. I wanted it to be worth while to pick it up and read it and want to enjoy reading it. I wanted it to become my novel book that I couldn't put down because it was getting juicy and I wanted to keep reading as to what happends next.  I didn't pick up my bible till a week later. I tend to procrastinate things I really need to do.  The night I finally picked up my bible i did not know where to start. I did start reading in Psalms once but I didn't get very far and it didn't mean much then.  So, I started back in Psalms. I can't begin to describe how alive and meaningful it ment to me when I read it this time. I read the first 10 chapters. Then the next night i read the next 10. I circle the verse numbers that really speak out to me which are not many but still it's like reading something and then going ( what? David really put that in there?) I have not been reading every night but here lately I have been reading more frequently. The more you read, the more you want to keep reading. I'm still so amazed that my Savior waits patiently for me. He wants me! He wants me to know Him but He's not going to force Himself on me.  Thank you jesus for your paitence. I'm sorry I've taken a long time. You are too good for me.