Thursday, January 1, 2015

The only one I trust.

Here lately I've just been listening to what has been going on around me. Not so much the news but, just music and other peoples conversations in general. I've been busy with work since i have had to work a lot through these holidays that have come and gone. It seems that I've not had a moment to just sit and breathe. (insert short but brief breath) I have been thinking about what God has brought me through this year and how i have seen my life change. The things i used to think about, i just don't really think about them anymore. I'm not really trying to brag here but, I have been really trying to focus more on Jesus. I will try and be clear as i can when i say this. If you trust somebody with your life (Jesus) and you tell them everyday then the other minute things will take a back seat. You will want to do anything to please that person and be obedient to what they want you to do. For me, I have a much better day when i start out by just saying to God: I trust you God. I trust your judgement. You see the bigger picture to everything and I don't. You have my best interest at heart and you know me better than I know myself.