Friday, May 4, 2012


If God is all for us, then who can be against us?  Why should we be worried about what we eat, what we wear, who we hang out with, where we go?  The beast of the field, the fowl of the air, the mammals of the sea, they all get fed. Surely they don't worry about those things.  Cast ALL your care on Him because He does care for you. He gives and He takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Life As Is

After spending almost 7 years out of high school, I think its time to start looking for something. My life has matured tremendously over the past 2 years. There for a while i went through a bad time in my life. I was and still am battling a particular addiction. I feel like i am on the right track to becoming the woman i want and need to be for my future husband. It seems like I'm never going to find the one God wants for me right now, but that's okay. I have been listening to positive music whether it be christian or secular. I have changed alot in my attitude with just simple things that i was just being lazy about.  As far as plans for the rest of the year, its still up in the air.  I've got something in the works hopefully that will let me have a better job on the side at least. As far as mission trips this year, I still would like to go help somewhere. Haiti was one option that i really would love to do. If God has other plans for me then we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Kaylee Elizabeth is 1 years old. She began walking around her first birthday in march. I am so proud of her. I can't wait to babysit her and tell her all about Jesus.

I can't think of anything else to say right now so i will leave you with a scripture.Psalms 16

Love others as you would want to be loved.  This is the second commandment from our Lord.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is Jesus Coming Back In 2012?

  I don't know what to do. I've left my current job of a year and a half and have been looking for a job for a month now. Being honest about it, i really haven't been looking really really hard. I probably have only looked probably a weeks worth the whole month ive been out of a job. Im not trying to be lazy, but i might come off as being lazy if you see me. I feel like when i go out to look at jobs, the ones that i really want are taken.  Being in a small town makes it even harder to find something. I have so much pressure on me to find something. With the bills piling up, it doesn't make it easier for me. I keep hoping the jobs i have applied for, at least one of them to call me and ask me in for an interview.

One of the main reasons i quit my job is that i felt in my life that i needed to get back into church. I talked it over with my manager and it just would never work out to get every sunday off.  So i made a decision to quit. Probably not the best decision i have made in a while but I think it was an ok one.  But now that i have quit, i like going and I'm getting back in the habit of going.

With trying to find a job hanging over my head, I also had a really disturbing dream in the last week. It was so surreal. To sum it up, it was about Jesus coming back.  The more i think about this and with the help of that one guy long long  ago saying that Jesus is coming back in 2012, in that moment i felt scared. Scared for my life and the decisions ive made. Dont get me wrong here, i have accepted Christ in my life but, more of feeling scared of things that i need to be doing instead of what im really doing. In my dream, i was at a friends house down the street in the middle of the day.  We were catching up on the years we had lost. I could tell the more and more clouds were coming in really fast. It seemed to get darker. In a matter of about 5 minutes the whole sky as far as the eye could see was like a really dark blue. The navy blue but a little darker than that. By this time im really really really scared. I grab my friend and we run for shelter in their garage. I look up at the sky and it's jet black.  I see this color white form a line in the sky. Then like nothing else, the line split like a zipper and then i hear this deep deep unheard voice say. This is my Son. I gasp, and sit up in my bed. I don't think i have ever been freaked out by any dream up until this point.  I don't know how He will come back or when He's coming back. All i know is that He has said to be ready. I think that was a wake up call.

So out of everything I have said in this post, I hope to have done a couple of things:
1. Relieve some stress by writing again.
2. Hopefully get refocus on my main goals.
3. Maybe let others know how my spiritual walk is going.